Dear All,
bowsers wowsers me again but you wouldn’t know it if this was a see through bit of writing because, in some reenactment of an old traumatic memory of Alain’s unfortunate but enforced childhood visits to the barber somewhere in the basse ville of Fribourg, i too have been shorn.
And yes it makes me look younger evidently but why oh why it was decided to leave my head in full Nelsonic hirsute splendor whilst exposing my bare and it is true surprisingly mottled skin to the whims of a deceptively early summer now giving way to cold wind and specks of rain is a question best contemplated but not asked..
And that , ladies and gentlemens and all four leggeds and or feathered friends reading this or being read to, is the first point of Dharma i would like to remind us all of this morning as i take up this pawboard again and do the belated blog honours.

So the first point of shared advice this morning is about space.
taking space inside before barking out.

Now i know that i am not the best walking talker of this truth – i do have ISSUES with horses galloping by my garden ,and with city dogs and the tense vibe that television programmes can spew out into the atmosphere and have been known to get triggered into howly barky jumpy fits more often than befits my true heartfull nature – but  the truth of this need for some contemplation before reaction is that it can and will save a whole load of tense interchange with the animate or inanimate environment. This is the point of a practice, and a movement practice, such as we who read and write these words aspire to, serves to remind us that it is better to let the shock of the unchosen haircut move your body and release any affect that might have been occasioned by that barber chair experience rather than let it harden to tension , become blame, spillout in angry accusations and escalate into verbal conflict which will in turn lead to all parties wanting space.
Which is what the moment of contemplation that i am suggesting (“taking space inside before barking out”) to feel the feelings and encourage their movement aims at any way. It bypasses a lot of unnecessary and disturbing steps.

Which brings me to the main thrust of this communication.
Alain is on Sabbatical. He has been on it for one month now and it has taken him, from what i can see, this long to stop vibrating with the pulse of so many airports, security lines, easy jet boarding anxiety queues and flown miles that it is only now that we can see a glimmer of hope for him to do more than rest in this time off.

I know this is a time of questions for him in the last few month before his sixtieth self and he is having a ceremonial two days of communing with his laptop before giving it away and being laptopless and email free for a few months.

He will be returning to full MIC participation as from early September when he has a spate of workshops to attend as the calendar is pretty full from then right up to New Year which we will mark with my favourite workshop (more on that from Leti …) AND I know he is excited about the new Tuesday Night Class venue and re-uniting with our beloved Black Cube Community (as am I and SP) and whoever else comes to dance in this much more central Brighton venue.
And what will Mr.Baldy be doing in his time off ? I know he’s riding his motorbike to different parts of Europe and I know he’s attending a number of silent retreats, but godaloneknows what really goes oninside that man…
The proof of the pudding will be when we see him back in his dancing trousers…till then all we can do is wish him well as he wishes us. i shall miss him a bit on his trips but will enjoy our shared frisbee throwing shuffles through the woods whilst he’s here.

He sends love as does SP
most of all big barks from me,
PS thankyou for reading me….woof woof.
PPS if you are reading this before 31 May 2016 i look forward to seeing you at the new class on Tuesday 31 May at 7pm.



“Between stimulus and response there is a space.
 In that space is our power to choose our response.
 In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
-Viktor E. Frankl