IMG_1786Hello hello hello another season is here in the woods a mass of leaves and reddish golds a swirl of water and earth and sky wind animating everything rain seeming to hang in the air and then tumble all at once. walking this morning i recognised outside of me with a jolt the truth of “everything changes everything stays the same” in an instant the clouds are different so is the colour of the sky so is the water in the air and at my feet. and then in between a tangle of bracken and thorny things, with tussocks and small muddy pools and clear puddles and such a beautiful ‘mess’ of autumn on the ground all stages of life composition and decomposition lies a birch, tall still vibrant very much alive. we say clinging to life but this tree was not clinging to anything it was radiating life but it was lying fallen and its roots with earth attached and also fallen were no longer in contact with the ground. And the tree will never stand again, it was now lying down and that was the only contact possible with the earth and that way it will stay, the roots will only touch their home again when all the rest has so rotted down, that everything that was tree will be merging with the land beneath. It will take years.


Much love to you all and gratitude that you and i have this shared practice, may we meet on a dance floor at some time again and may your autumn be a time of clear connection and simple appreciation for you – the violence we do to ourselves seems never ending sometimes – one small step to healing this is simply stopping for a moment, feeling the connection that is there, breathing it grounding it and knowing the wonder of it – life, in a body, for a very short time   ENJOY !!!

alain xxx