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Working with the qualities of breath, physicality, attention and permission we simply dance out all that we hold inside, as we live our daily lives. At our  classes  you are encouraged to fully show up and allow yourself to be present with what is, trusting the dance you find to express your innate creative impulse.

There is no set agenda to our work, only the desire to share our own experience and continued enquiry of how to be present, fluid and awake. This practice is creative and cannot be held onto or boxed, but is more a moving through in the moment……….

Classes are run on a drop in basis, accessible and open to all who are drawn to movement, meditation and inner awareness.

In 2019 we are not offering a regular weekly class but we will teach occasional classes from time to time. These will run on a drop in basis and be for everyone and anyone who wishes to step out of their daily routine, pause, listen, drop down into the inner silence and release whatever movement and breath arises. We highly recommend workshops and on-going groups as a way to establish a deeper sense of Practice.

Please check with the current calendar page for information regarding the occasional classes that we offer in various locations.


“Movement practice is all about uncovering long suppressed instincts. It trains you to see with your third eye and listen with your third ear. In testy moments, we need a practice, something to fall back on, a pipeline to our inner truth, or we will find ourselves helpless, surrendering to the will of our heads, not our guts.”
Gabrielle Roth

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