Hello Dancing People and all Four Legged Students of the Dance,
it’s me, Nelson – finally they are learning to trust what I name the “Woofs of Wisdom ” and have handed me the keyboard for the first Newsletter of 2016.
I appreciate getting this chance to speak with you directly and hope that if my ruminations land well in you they might entrust me again (so do send feedback to Leti – especially if it is favourable). Thankyou.
So here I go.
Reading the “Winter Rest” blog that Alain wrote in December I found myself grunting in agreement as I know deeply the impulse to turn inwards that this time of year suggests to my instinctual Self.
So I attended the New Year workshop mostly as a contemplative silent witness to the ritual that the Brighton Black Cube Dance Community co-create to mark the turning of times wheel. I was nourished by the beauty of these dancers and what they shared and want to thank you all for your kindness to me over the 3 days.
Since then the days have been wet, cold, muddy and dark here in the MIC forest home. I’ve sent most of my time meditating in the laundry basket relishing the the scent that lingers in the dirty linen of my family and co-workers – this for me is deep heart connection. Wordless yet deeply evocative of their presence and all that we have shared over the many years. I sit and I feel that sense of Universal Union which sometimes gets lost in the chivvy and chase of my daily life.

The truth that is clear to me in my sitting is that Love is Everything , and that the territory of the Spiritual Heart is what i want to abide with in these coming months of movement practice.
I have advised my team of this and so the workshops they are offering in the next term are largely concerned with attuning to this, once again they have listened to my wise woofs.

I leave you with a Self Portrait that i’ve quickly sketched to remind you, wherever you are, of the need to turn your gaze inwards and meet the precious movement of your beautiful beating heart.

Love it as I send love to you,

Nelson by Alain