We had the last class of the year in the Black Cube, the home of MIC weekly classes, this week. The new term will see us dancing on a Monday evening rather than the Tuesday nights we’ve shared for so long. There were tears, hugs, dances and mince pies as we ushered in endings before the years close.

We won’t be holding a New Years retreat this Winter (back again with that 12 months from now), I won’t be travelling out of the country until mid January 2015, the office is winding down for a year end break and we are preparing the house with shiny sparkly things for our family gathering for the Xmas holidays as we see out 2014.. Sarah is baking in her own great british bakeoff xmas episode, her natural generosity overflowing into stollen and mince pies, we are wrapping presents like elves at night and I have my forest allocation of sixty trees to fell and haul before the end of February. This is Winter as we have come to know it. Grateful for home and aware of those who are battling with the cold and loneliness that this season also brings. May the world become more equal one day.

IMG_7651It’s a time for turning in and before I dissolve into the depth of my internal solstice I wanted to send out a big thank you to all those who have danced with me, organised me, written me, inspired me, encouraged me and shared with me. A number of you have graduated this year as teachers of the 5Rs and will doubtless continue to share this work to more and more feet that are ready to fly. I never expected to be working with the 5Rhythms for such a long time, nor to be in a place where my own teachers have either died or moved in to different territory, so the current continuity is provided by all of you who share our dance floors – some of you I have danced with for more than 20 years, I am very grateful for these connections, the practice we share is one that deeply relates to time and space both of which are large in my awareness in these short days of December. Somehow the space around me as I walk in the forest even seems more dense and compact like there is less space less time less light in the texture of all that surrounds me. I have held a few workshops focussing on Stillness in the last months, those and the landscapes of emotion, choice and conditioning are what I am retreating with these next weeks and intend to dance with next year. Those of you who have shared “More Than This”, “Still Dancing” and the Ongoing Groups with me this year an extra special thank you to all of you. In your presence I have been given much to sit with.

So in this season where “blessings” are on high and there is some consensual agreement as to the existence of Spirit I am aware of all that is a blessing in the life we live, I can hear the “count your blessings” song in my head and hope that whoever you are that reads this you can pause, take a “g a p” , a moment to breathe, to recall some of this 2014 and to extend a little love and hope to this sleepy world we share, and find some joy in who and how you are living yourself day by day. Looking back and moving forwards consciously and gently.

This is intended as a new post in our blog but currently the website which I had imagined and then finally launched this year has been hacked whatever that means and so we are waiting for a clever person to get us back on air. If you’re reading this as a post then that’s down to that person (thank you) and if you’re reading this as a newsletter then do send a good vibe to the health of the MIC website which is still poorly.

Happy New Year , many thanks and much love to you, your friends, your pets and your family.
May 2015 bring you health, contentment, creativity and love.


When I’m worried and I can’t sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep.
-Irvine Berlin-