Classes: We give half price admission to those aged between 16 and 19.
Workshops and Ongoing Groups: We always have an “early bird price” and a finite number of discounted places awarded either on a “work-study” or low income basis. Please send any requests for these via the Contact page.
Holiday Retreats – we do not give discounts on these. When optional one to one sessions are included in the retreat there is no discount for not taking one up.
Individual Sessions – the price of these varies depending on location and duration. We do not offer discounts on these but may be able to suggest other practitioners who operate sliding scale pricing.


When a degree of experience is necessary then this will be included in the workshop description.
A large number of our courses, all our classes and holiday retreats require no prior experience. Take your time, ease your way in, don’t push yourself. Everybody began once; you will not be pressured to do anything you don’t want to, and supported in taking rests as you need, whilst remaining in the group space.
If you have or are worried about some physical condition you really do need to listen to  and follow your own judgment.  We will always assume you will rest when you need to and will never push you. If you are on any prescribed medication or under any kind of medical care we advise you to consult your physician before attendance.
If you have a psychological condition and/or in any type of medical treatment we require you to declare this and only attend with the consent of your primary practitioner. Attendance at any our classes or workshops in all cases for all participants means that you have accepted full responsibility for your own health and full liability for any damage or harm you may cause to yourself, any other person, any property or personal belongings of any party including the space of the event. For some programmes we will require a signed statement of self-responsibility but even when we have not required such a signed statement your participation will signify your agreement with the responsibilities listed above, even if you have not read this.


They are one of many movement modalities that can be found by anyone seeking to use movement as a way into embodiment. This particular approach to studying movement was created by Gabrielle Roth (1941 -2012). It has clarity and straightforwardness and so supports easy access to dance, expressive physical movement and awareness meditation  to people without prior experience of such practices. Powerful and profound it is a practice with clear route maps to exploring timeless questions of the human condition by physically integrated rather than intellectual means. In this way the path of her work is refreshingly empirical rather than reliant on scientific theory or ‘expert’ opinion. She spoke of there being “no dogma in the dance” and of the body as not being able to lie, indications suggesting that by curiously and honestly following our own movement we will reap the most valuable learning . Many other similar modalities of work have sprung out of her long teaching, and these give focus to similar territory in other ways. However, the legacy and integrity of Roth’s work lies in the basic premise of her philosophy that the act of physical movement itself provides the process of understanding,  For more detail on her work , as well as definitive information regarding the various maps, levels and licences :   www.5rhythms.com


This is a movement based contemplative programme of work that integrates various therapies, philosophies and  practices. Developed and taught by Alain with assistance from other experienced teachers, most notably Andrea Juhan Ph.D, all elements of this suite aim to provide a coherent platform for practical and  useful self exploration. His long experience of supporting clients individually investigate existential issues within a psychotherapeutic framework, led him to notice common elements of the material they chose to work with. These were questions of the nature of Self and Identity, of Personal History and Relationship, and of Choice, Values , Self-Worth, Meaning and Purpose. So he began teaching an exploratory Ongoing Study Group where the same kind of individual reflections could be made collectively. There are great advantages to the sharing of such personal exploration, the primary one being the ‘normalisation’ of ways of being that we may ‘pathologise’ or view as somehow shameful, or indicative of being uniquely ‘wrong’ or ‘damaged’, By working alongside others on similar journeys of inquiry, elements of such behaviours and concerns are seen to be quite everyday and so become a source of empathy and mature understanding of the human condition. Rather than adopting the label of ‘client’ or ‘patient’ we recognise ourselves as fellow life students and in this fellowship gain experience and courage to consciously be in the world with greater respect of self and other. The work of all parts of “Perspectives” fosters and supports awareness, integrity, tolerance and kindness. It is a pathway to living as a mature adult.
The programme includes both individual and group investigative processes that are drawn from Alains own experience, training and education. These include maps of  the 5Rhythms, and of Existential and Transpersonal Philosophy, combined with techniques and tools of Gestalt, Mindfulness, Psycho-Drama, Psychosynthesis and Aikido, and sitting Meditation. The Suite comprises 2 stand alone workshops (“More Than This” and “Dancing Through Defences”) which provide a good introduction to the Perspectives Ongoing Group ( a 4 module series) which can only be taken in its entirety. For further details see the calendar for what is being currently offered, or use the Enquiry pull down menu on the Contact page of this website.

The “Open Floor” workshop that was so formative of this work  is no longer offered in the same context; however Andrea Juhan, with her colleagues and fellow distinguished teachers Kathy Altman and Lori Saltzman, is offering a whole range of movement work and training through “Open Floor International”.


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