Dear Dancers and Four Leggeds Everywhere
Rrowff!! Rrowff!! Rrowff!!
It’s me Nelson with more woofs of wisdom,

My second newsletter this and if this willingness to let me bark my bark to you all continues then I’m fairly sure to get both my own pawboardl and, most important, Moves Into Consciousness Staff TEA rights! I will  say right now that this tea drinking business, particularly with biscuits and the slurping sound (mostly favoured by Alain it is true) has some appeal to me. Actually, apart from the ability to make fire,  the pausing in the day to calmly prepare and “have tea” in a rather ritualised fashion is one of the few elements of human personhood that attracts me.

Let me elaborate a little on the being human stuff I find distinctly odd. Here one example….why stand on 2 legs when you have four?. The whole principle of it is not only unstable but takes the fun and most of the speed out of running. Most importantly it takes your heart and belly much further  away from the Earth. The source and the power and the support which is what Mother Earth is to us all and the biped dancer lot spend ages in what they call the “rhythm of flowing” just to remember what us four-leggeds never even forget.

However much humans get to have teatimes and fireplaces is it really worth balancing on two paws at the cost of such basic disconnection. No wonder they run around constantly yelling “Sit” at us. Talk about projection!!

The heart of Life is Earth, she nourishes and nurtures, holds and remains everpresent, grounding us with the love that binds – which you humans call “gravity” (why such a severe and heavy name for something so essentially light, intelligent and beautiful?)

And the heart of all us beings is the most intelligent part, that which informs nourishes and supports and feeds our growth. So I urge you to practice being with your heart, unfolding any part of it that has closed in on itself in all this upright business. And please reflections on what I say are welcome , feel free to write me. If you do I might get to do more of these newsletters . And that means the right to the rites of tea !!

Woofing love,

I leave you with these words that I meditate on often in the Black Cube Monday Night Class as I appear to be slumbering.

Nelson by Alain

“….and it was as if I suddenly saw the secret beauty of their hearts…. the depths of their hearts… where neither sin nor knowledge could reach… the core of their reality… the person that each one is the eyes of the Divine… If only they could see themselves as they really are…If only we could see each other all the time… There would be no more need for war, for hatred, for greed, for cruelty. I suppose the big problem would be that we would fall down and worship each other.”

 Secret Beauty – Thomas Merton.