This is a time of year that is rich in nourishment of Soul.
For many of us having the meditation of the 5Rhythms to cycle through a Wave again and again is a Vital grounding.¬†allowing us to literally find our feet in a world that is obsessed with the fiction that it’s only what happens in the Cranium that is important. That head space is not where Stillness can be easily found. So busy fast analytical and problem oriented is this top brain that it confuses the absence of overt Doing with nothingness. And there is nothing the head hates more than nothing.
SRILL SNOWDROPSBut the Emptiness of No-Thing is the place that the Soul is most apparent. Spirit ranges freely in not doing but simply Being.
The essence of the dark winter is the silent stillness where Nothing breathes in and out.
The crispness of the morning frosts, the beauty of soft snow falling, the peace on the surface of frozen Earth begins to emerge in the promise of Spring that comes from this seeming Silence.
Clearly in these more quiet months of December and January the deep powerful Flow, the unseen Staccato, the surrender of over action has led to a spacious lyrical creativity in which the nature of the universal spirit of things has been resting in the Knowing of Soul self.
Things are visibly stirring from roots in the deep dark Flow. As the cells attune to the slow empty unfolding the next Wave is beginning, richly fed by the prolonged resting in Nothing.