nellie and a bone

Hello out there…. a few words from Tukaram… MY FAV OF THE DAY !!!

I could not lie anymore so I started calling my dog “God.”
First he looked confused,
then he started smiling,
then he even danced.

I kept at it:
now he doesn’t even bite.

I am wondering if this might work
on people?

summer garden 1 14

…and  a few words from over here where the summer is a flowered and wooded delight, of weather and bird sounds  and as well, a summer of torn open hearts through the loss of  our dear  friend  Freya, and her parents heart rending grief…..and feeling how she has touched so many in her leaving, in the space that she filled she leaves an extraordinary gift of love and how this is a journey we will all be making…into the spaciousness into the mystery……into the love……(i’m banking on it !!!)

…it’s strange to be writing a blog…and doesn’t come naturally… like a reaching out into the ether due in part in how it is to work in this way… workshops around the place and fleeting, yet memorable connections within this fluid world of movement. I/ we have a job that needs you out there in order for it to exist…..a job i see as a sharing of my love of the dance moving through in utter response to being here in a elemental physical body….now…moment by moment…..and witnessing in you your beautiful ordinary extraordinary dance moving through in all its raw simple being… thank you as always for your part in making this job possible!!!!

So what we have coming up, are two workshops …Unfolding Heart Matters, here in Brighton…an exploration and  falling back into the heart space, within us…in dance, ultimately a prayer……..

and Reflections on La Gomera. We think this may well be a last chance to do reflections here, as this year may well be our last year! … (as we are looking  for somewhere a bit closer to home),   we have been coming here to La Gomera for about 11 years apparently !!!…..This island and the Finca are both powerful places for me ….The island and setting both elemental and raw …the volcanic rock…the constant sound of the sea, the bright stars in the night sky the wonderful night birds….the shining sun, the dappled shade…..the vegetable garden !!  the delicious food and wonderful dance space !!!! i always love it ….for me its a glorious place and well worth the long journey …and the groups always gentle and deep in their landing in being….that sound of the sea at the end of every morning session as the music is turned off and the song of the waves reach our ears……delicious……being in nature a true time for reflection……so i look forward to seeing those of you who show up at either of these…

So sweetpeas this blog ends here, wishing you  kindness in your life, with my love and gratitudes to you and the beauty of these rhythm’s …as always thank you Gabrielle…..

love love and love s xxxxxxxxx

Dream baby dream…

and heres a song i’m bopping tooooo dreammmm baby dreammmm……la la