Last week I spent in a convent.
I shared a very small room with Sarah. We had a narrow bed each, between which a touch sensitive lamp perched on a small chest of drawers. There was a sink, a small wardrobe and an agreement to not speak.
We were on Silent Retreat which had a clear and spacious rhythm of regular periods of sitting from early morning till late evening, interspersed with some teachings and time to be in the greenery of generous tree lined grounds. The place had a quiet enduring quality of carefully cultivated attentive peace.

There was no dancing, no music, no conversation and although we, Sarah and I, walked into town on 2 occasions to drink tea and eat figs and scones we did get a deep sense of the sacred inclusive presence that arises out of silent attention.

It made clear to me how a major aspect of the nourishment I get from my 5Rhythms practise is the space created by the shared following of present attention to being. Flow through to Stillness again and again.

This holiday time I now have is a time of rest. I have the intention to relax into the unfolding moments. I have a lot of practical things to do and I’m hoping to “do” them by “being” in the action of them.
This makes sense to me. I’ll let you know in September how it panned out.

Till then I send you wishes for rest and well being.




“Your ‘presence’ is a pre-sense… presence is something you can… feel before you can describe it…  Your presence is a kind of spirit that sends signals to others before you even know you’ve sent them.”     – Mindell