Now that the “More Than This” workshop and the Perspectives Suite are steps on the path to the 5Rhythms Teacher Training, and that the meaning of the “Open Floor” (formerly a workshop I taught but now a name used for a whole movement practice) represents something else, there is a need for some clarification. Here is my attempt at that.

12e527db9f9445a73125508623f663c5“Perspectives” is a process where with both individual and group attention we practice Seeing more clearly. The intention of each workshop is to widen our lens, let go of our usual conditioned responses and cultivate the stillpoint at our core.

To unlearn old ways, to strive for freedom, requires disciplined attention – in the 5Rhythms we can develop this through regular dance practice . We learn to move through inertia and to approach rather than avoid the vulnerability of an awake heart. When we allow the natural dance of emotions they lead us to a bigger picture than the prisons our strategies confine us to. We move beyond the attempts of our small self to control and avoid uncertainty. The practice becomes a meditation to gain awareness.

The “Mirrors” Suite leads us to recognise what Gabrielle Roth referred to as “Ego Characters”, how we all have a cast of these endlessly rehashed roles, can learn to spot them, name them, exaggerate them and practice dis-identifying from them so we might, even when under pressure, move more closely to authenticity, to Soul, to each other, to life and freedom.

The “Perspectives” Suite comes at the same territory, using the same platform of moving with the 5Rhythms, but from a slightly different approach.

In the first workshop of the Suite , called “More Than This”, we learn some basic structures and ways of working as though they were the rules of a game that we then play together. This allows us to be in the “Perspectives Process” with each other where we move beyond just looking at one another to Seeing more than the defences that we habitually, unconsciously present. We become more than detached spectators but actively involved in the care of each other, providing an environment where all can allow what we mostly hide to be visible. This creates a safe environment for us to see the difference between our calculating mind and our intuitive ability to feel and respond to the present as it unfolds. We train in focusing our attention, accurate empathy and communicating with responsibility, honesty and integrity.

Having learned and worked with this “Perspectives Process” we can then progress to the rest of the Perspectives Suite which is made up of a 4 Module Ongoing Closed Group and a 5 day workshop. The Perspectives Ongoing Group can only be taken in its entirety with each module addressing the search for the true Self, the soul of each of us and how this has become covered over with layers of protection that can be witnessed, explored and differentiated from who we actually are and aspire to mature into. The stand-alone workshop, “Basic Goodness; Dancing Through Defences”, gives us the tools to use the structure of the Perspectives Process as a resource in our daily life.

Perspectives Ongoing Group starts in Bilbao in May 2018.