What we do

We encourage embodiment.

We create spaces where you can re-member feet, hips and spine. This leads to greater integration of the senses and intelligence  that are carried in every cell of the body whether those cells are located in head , heart or heels.  There is no mind without body , no body without breath and no breath without movement. By bringing this back into consciousness our students find more clarity, more aliveness and more ability and desire to move out of inertia. With feet rooted in the earth, there comes a sense of place , a feeling of being at home in our own skin, less fearful, more heart-fully connected to daily life. Creative explorations  yield  creative answers. Our work on a range of themes centres on this approach.

We facilitate in various ways always adapting what we offer to make our work as accessible as we can. To read more about the formats  in which we present our work look at the 5 sections below, to see our current events look at the calendar page.



Working with the qualities of breath, physicality, attention and permission we simply dance out all that we hold inside, as we live our daily lives. At our  classes  you are encouraged to fully show up and allow yourself to be present with what is, trusting the dance you find to express your innate creative impulse. (more…)


Workshops give time to study in depth. We run them in different formats, most commonly over a weekend but also for longer periods. They are restorative, an opportunity to renew aliveness in body and spirit, a place to widen perspective and increase understanding. (more…)

Ongoing Study Groups

These groups are generally by application only, and once begun are limited to the same group members for the duration. They comprise a set numbers of modules forming a continuum of study, staggered over a finite period of time with regular intervals between meetings. (more…)

Holiday Retreats

A retreat is an opportunity to withdraw from routine, purposefully pausing for rest, nourishment and balance. We make a point of choosing locations that are tranquil, beautiful and set in natural surroundings. (more…)

Individual Work

We spend a lot of our time in reaction, being run by conditioned responses pulling us out of the present moment. Life is a relational ongoing process yet we become accustomed, mostly due to fear, of not living authentically. (more…)