Who we are

We nurture aliveness, awareness and embodiment, and inspire creativity

Moves Into Consciousness (MIC) began offering local movement classes and individual therapy sessions in July 1997 in Lewes, East Sussex.

Seventeen years on we still hold a vibrant local weekly class, and we have reached out. Our courses and workshops have been warmly received by people of different ages, ethnicity and experience in 20 countries or more.

We have clear intention; to nurture aliveness, awareness and embodiment, and inspire creativity. Our work catalyses personal integration, clarity of expression and greater well-being. All these factors support desired change.

We have come to learn with ever increasing respect how naturally creative those who come work with us are – no matter how disconnected they may feel, and how to adapt what we offer so that we provide supportive and stimulating spaces that lead back to the innate human capacity for self healing.

We are constantly seeing that some kind of regular physical movement practice within a structure that consciously references cognitive, emotional, somatic and spiritual faculties is a powerful if not vital ingredient of effective education and personal development.

Who we are


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“Movement has become a vital aspect of my meditation giving me the means to get out of my head and drop into breath and the body again and again. Here I can find the raw energy beneath the uncomfortable surface. So in times of trouble in times of agitation and confusion I have learnt to trust my body, fall back into its innate dance and re member myself.
Any practice worth its salt guides us through the days and moments when stuckness is such an easy option that we forget our basic nature – soft kind heartful creative beings rich in breath and life. I aim to lead students to the sort of practices  that have been so helpful to me.  I share my experience of these by using them as tools of self guidance to support other people to find the freedom and maturity this kind of attention has helped me towards…”

I am co-director of Moves Into Consciousness and have been working with  Psychotherapy, Meditation and Movement Practices for almost 30 years. Born in the 1950s, Grandfather of 2 infants and Father to 5 (now adult) children, I have had a full and varied working life so far. I am a fully licensed and practising psychotherapist with wide ranging experience of one to one work in varied settings. I have a particular interest in freedom from emotional storylines. I combine psycho-therapeutic, psycho-spiritual and psychological knowledge with physical movement / dance and meditation to lead my students to step out of cycles of emotional story lines and become more contented human beings. I have extensive experience of teaching group workshops worldwide, continually holding spaces to create the conditions that make intentional change possible.



“I come very much from a place in my teaching of attention to the here and now and the spaces in-between…..to fall back into the present, moment by moment…trusting the dance that moves through us and to know that we are enough…that all we need to do is have the courage to stay with ourselves…with our breath…..and follow the dance…to lean towards discomfort if that is what is there, and trust that all is ever changing and our dance is a powerful practice to help us to unfold into the ever changing mystery of the nature of things……of life…..we are ever unfolding blossoming returning to the earth…to blossom again……..these Rhythms are infinite in their exploration and teachings !!!!”

I trained as a teacher of the 5Rhythm’s with Gabrielle and I was also on the first heartbeat training …. I had an intense six years of following my own daily practise before I actually trained. Working with my teachers Susannah and Y’acov and dancing with Gabrielle as much as I could…During this time I also studied at the Laban School of dance in London and completed a B.A. degree in Analytical Movement Therapy.

I have two children and twenty eight years ago met Alain and his three children and they became a little tribe …my two, his three…Finally after nineteen years together Alain and I married !!!!! We live in the country as nature feeds us both so essentially…and my passion is gardening….animals and our home ……and of course the dance.

I am a student of dance, movement and meditation which I share in my teaching.


I met Alain and Sarah when I was a few months old and they immediately began preparing me to become part of the MIC team.

Movement has always been the most important and rewarding part of my life. I have spent years honing my ability to move in relation to the movement of others, not only people but also animals and thrown objects. The physicality and immediate vitality that I experience in this partnership work has helped me to truly relish being alive, to be present and conscious. Such interaction has honed my ability to feel the emotional dynamic of most situations and to embody this with authenticity. My own rich inner and emotional world has led me to find it easy to empathise with others. I always participate in MIC workshops in Brighton and have been attending the local class with regularity since I was quite young.

I am often approached by students wanting Darshan which I give freely. Whilst my language skills are fairly basic I have listened to many spiritual teachers over the years and meditate on a daily basis.