Workshops give time to study in depth. We run them in different formats, most commonly over a weekend but also for longer periods.
They are restorative, an opportunity to renew aliveness in body and spirit, a place to widen perspective and increase understanding.

We provide a careful balance of instruction and space so that participants get their own clear physical, as well as cognitive experience.

The same workshop can serve participants in different ways;, each might take away something different,. Most feel renewed, less stressed more clear, refreshed and inspired when they leave.

Our teaching is best described as a sharing of our own practice as it has evolved from a long and varied experience of studying, practising and presenting dance, movement and meditation. Our workshops can vary in length from one to five days, but most commonly take place over a weekend. The longer the duration of the workshop, the more likely we might notice the condition of our daily lives. Weekend courses are both excellent preparation for Ongoing Groups, and a short shot of useful relativity. A stepping out of daily routine and into a more meditative, balancing space.
We aim to be clear, informative, creative and permissive in our teaching, giving both clarity and space so that our students can benefit as fully from movement meditation and focussed enquiry as we have.

None of the courses we offer are tied to any one modality or school. The purpose of our workshops is to encourage the maturity and wisdom path of dropping into and following the spaciousness that opens  through attention to breath and body,  dance, meditation and a shared group intention. Participants need some familiarity with their own internal silence to benefit the most from this level of work.

I am – very unusually since I write for a living – without words. Your workshop fell straight into the wiring of the body bypassing the washing machine on spin that is my brain. Learning (especially about flow) in this way is such a gift because my body gets to keep it and my mind can’t interrupt that process.


Please check in with our calendar to see the various programmes currently on offer.


Trust begins with trusting in yourself. When we talk about working with others, we are talking about working with ourselves to begin with. If we are ready to work with others, it doesn’t matter who comes along in our world.
Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

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